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Do you give private lessons in person or via Skype?
Sorry, I only teach at Musicians Institute. For Skype and lessons in the LA area I recommend Ed Finn.

I picked up two of your books at once. Which should I study first? Can I work with two at the same time?
Yes, as long as you are able to study each one several times per week. It is OK to study them together or in any order.

How many minutes do I practice each thing, and how many weeks do I keep it on my practice list?
I could only tell you this if I watched you practice and constantly tested your ability to apply what you've learned. A private instructor who sees you frequently can help, but you should learn to take responsibility for your pacing of material.

I'm a left-handed player. Will the diagrams in the Guitar Fretboard Workbook work for me?
Yes. Briefly turn the book upside down. A horizontal neck diagram is now a mirror image of your right hand and the fretboard. With practice you’ll make the transfer in your mind.

I've never heard of E# and B# before. Aren't they really just F and C?
These are enharmonic note names. You'll need to use them if you're going to read or write music or study basic theory. In other tuning systems besides the one used on guitar (equal temperament), notes like B# and C actually sound slightly different from each other.

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