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Billable Hours Calculator

I keep a simple log for jobs by using Windows Notepad. Pressing F5 creates a timestamp in the log. I log in and out every time I do some work. Typical entries look like this:

11:57 AM 6/23/2004
1:06 PM 6/23/2004

2:54 PM 6/24/2004
called author re legato notation
3:37 PM 6/24/2004
You can copy & paste a log with many entries into the box and click the button below to calculate the total hours. The log can contain pretty much anything, with the following exceptions that allow the program to find the times and add them up.
  1. No numbers surrounding colons in logfile except in timestamps. The calculator searches for those.
  2. Don't put multiple timestamps on the same line.
  3. Each start time must be followed by an end time at some point. If you forget to punch in or out, your results will be way off. Keep a blank line between work sessions to help keep it straight.

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