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Download blank chord frames!
Guitar Lessons - MJS
offers a full line of books, DVDs, and CDs for learning guitar and bass.
Guitar9 Records----Great for guitar instrumentals, buying or selling your own.

Truth in Shredding Blog - Keeps up with the latest shredder releases, performances, etc. Cool!
Department of Virtuosity - a nice looking site of shred reviews with a Polish accent. Find out about the latest...
FreeLicks - Free video instruction!
Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter Newsletter with industry, country, & local Michigan editions.
Scott Lerner - many samples of fine phrasing & tone. Jazz & Blues...Check out "Prime Idea".
Chris Juergensen An MI instructor transplanted to Japan. He never came back. His a CD "Prospects," will be available in the States in a month or so...
Plankton, a very Hendrixy swedish band. Dig the feedback...,
site of Dale Turner - guitarist and well-respected columnist
John Humphrey, besides being the awesome bass player with the Scott Henderson Band, has an interesting and creative web site with his own CDs and video productions., site of Tom Kolb - Guitar One columnist, MI instructor, noted author.
Dominik Hauser, - Composing, Film Scoring, Arranging, Orchestration
Elvis Schoenberg’s Orchestre Surreal
Chema Herrero, rock instrumental guitarist and teacher.
Marcelo Berestovoy is a guitar player from Argentina
Andrew Szucs is a guitarist in Los Angeles :
Seven Seraphim is a band looking for musicians in Los Angeles:
Rocket City Records ---Production Music and Artist Representation.
Voltage Guitars, vintage instruments. A good place to spend a day (and your life savings!).
Brook Hoover, another hard-working guitarist, teaching all day and playing in 5 bands in Iowa.
Contemporary Music Academy---Headed by Gianfranco Continenza, on the Adriatic coast of Italy. This school hosted me for a seminar while I was traveling Europe. You too can learn to play in the coolest place on earth. I wish I was there RIGHT NOW!'s web site has tons of great resources for drummers and fans of latin music.
Tomas Janzon --- Great player, and I want his guitar. Check out his new CD, X-Changes. case you missed the GuitarMP3 mother lode.
Mike Campbell---Jazz artist. Vocal teacher.
Giuseppe Continenza---My good friend who's been touring with Bireli LaGrene.
---Some nice RA files of a budding paddle bud from Texas.
Peter Fischer, gitarrist produzent autor
Rich Kern, Ominous Guitarist.
The awesome Tracee Lewis Meyn
Steve Trovato -is finally online with his new cd and extensive library of books & vids.
Confusion - Experience the Greek Fusion Phenomenon...'s auction network.
Shareware Music Machine All the software gadgets you want: plug-ins, editors, sequencers, etc...
Patrick Vega goes to hell. I mean "goes HTML."
Armada, ready to mount another Swedish invasion.
Ma-Saki, CD and Promotional Art. Intense, Powerful.
Band Amps, Extensive reviews and demos of new amps as they hit the market.

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PEOPLE YOU MAY NOT KNOW: Giuseppe Continenza Tomas Janzon


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